Beauty and Glory lies within Obedience

by Sherlette Rutherford on May 03, 2020

Esther 1_11-19 Vashti was a beautiful woman “beautiful to behold” but beauty without character is unattractive. Our character is what defines us and sets us apart from others. As women we have to focus on adorning ourselves with the Spirit of God, according to Proverbs 31_30 a woman who fears the lord shall be praised. Paul also tells us we shouldn’t worry about adorning ourselves with fancy things but to focus on our good works (1 Timothy 2_9-10). In the book of 1 Peter 3_3-4 it states that incorruptible beauty is precious in the sight of God and man. This type of beauty is flawless and unfading. It radiates from the inside out and its value is far above rubies. In Esther 1_12 Vashti refused the kings request. This is questioned and commented on by many but in this context I will address it as an unquiet, rebellious or Jezebel spirit that caused her to defy orders. This type of spirit we’ve read is not attractive to God or man. This can lead to a change of status with God, in our homes or wherever we interact with people. Beauty without gentleness and humbleness has no kingdom value. Beauty does not secure us or exempt us in away. The opportunity for someone “better than” Vashti, you or I will always come along if we aren’t humble in spirit. What we need to understand is that someone better doesn’t mean more beautiful but of a better character. Beauty and glory lies within our obedience to God. When we honor his word he says in Deuteronomy 28_9-10 that we shall be established as a holy people called by his name. Today is the day for you to take your place and sit on the throne of peace, excellence, love and happiness. Be encouraged, be inspired & be blessed!


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