Don't Sell your Birthright

by Sherlette Rutherford on May 03, 2020

When we are_ weary, distressed, broken, rejected, hurt, confused, oppressed, sick or even at the point of death we have to remember who we are. We have to know our identity is in Christ and we have been made joint heirs with him (Romans 8_17).

The enemy will come in and present us with open doors that will only lead us to destruction. Matthew 7_13 says broad is the gate that leads to destruction. In Genesis 25_29-32 Esau sold his birthright for a pot of stew. This to him was an open door to walk away from hunger. Many times we become overwhelmed with our situations and accept that pot of stew just like Esau did. In actuality, that pot of stew will be digested and be of no value. For many that pot of stew is fun, pleasure, drugs, alcohol or even going to see a psychic or palm reader. These things will only lead us down the path of death. We have to be wise and exercise wisdom. We have to discern the voice of God and the intentions of those who will rescue us in our times of need. Our birthright is priceless! We should never get to that place of desperation where we feel the need to compromise or sacrifice something so precious. As children of God we need to understand that there is nothing more powerful or valuable than this precious gift God through his son Jesus Christ has given to us. This inheritance gives us joy, hope, authority, peace and power. Nothing is more powerful or valuable than the grace and mercies of God, the love of God and the anointing of God. Be encouraged, be inspired and be blessed!


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