Fear not

by Sherlette Rutherford on May 01, 2020

My fellow believers in Christ fear not and be anxious for nothing. I know that may seem hard for some right now considering today’s occurrences where many may live in fear of the unknown. A lot of people are operating from a place of anxiety and panic and it’s causing them to act irrational. As a believer in Jesus, I just want to encourage someone today by reminding you what the word of God says. In 2 Timothy 1_6-7 Paul tells Timothy “Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (NKJV).

Stirring up our gift is like a gentle reminder not to be afraid but to trust the God of truth. God has blessed us all with various spiritual giftings. In times like these it is important to “stir it up” or “fan into flames” these gifts that we may be able to operate from a place of confidence, love and self-control. We have a sound mind so let us not follow the world but be prepared as we are living in the last days. Now is not the time to be fearful like Timothy but it is time to testify about our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Now is the time to reignite that fire within you and go back to your first love (Rev. 2). Let that light within you shine bright that others may see it and glorify our heavenly father (Matt 5_16).

It is not the time to be comfortable and complacent. It is the time to take a stand while the world is watching to demonstrate love and win souls for Jesus. If your gift is healing, believe, lay hands and pray for the sick (1 Corinth 12_9, Mark 16_18). If it is faith, continue to be hopeful and not judge others who are wavering in faith right now (1 Corinth. 12_9). Remember, we have all been given a measure of faith some more than others (Rom 12_3). If your gift is exhortation, encourage those around you with the word of God (Rom 12_8). Remind them of His promises unto us and that the gift of God is eternal life (Rom 6_23). Give unto those who maybe in need whether it’s your time or resources (1 John 3_17). Be a blessing unto others. Demonstrate good leadership skills so that the lost and weary can follow. Be gracious unto each other because this is an opportunity to lead people unto Christ (Matt 28_18-19, Mark 16_15). Let me encourage you all to not get weary in this fight. Fear is not of God and you have been blessed with love, power and a sound mind.

Be encouraged, be inspired & be blessed!


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