It Gets Better

by Sherlette Rutherford on May 03, 2020

Life gets better. I just believe that at some point it gets better. We won't always be struggling with the same issues because there will be other issues. But, It gets better. I don't know exactly what's wrong but all I can do is pray. I know praying seems pointless at times when it's the same thing over and over again. But it gets better. We've all been there with anger, hurt, resentment and disappointment but we just have to keep getting back up. I've been there, but it's only through the grace of God I can smile and say it is well. I believe it is well despite my struggles. I know it's not easy waiting upon God while it seems life is passing by and everyone else around seems to be progressing but it gets better. I believe one day we will be able to testify and encourage someone about how we waited. God has a plan, we just have to tarry to see it manifest. My brother, my sister, hold on because it gets better


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