The power of words

by Sherlette Rutherford on May 03, 2020

About 2 years ago I realized just how amazing words were. At the end of what to me where just regular conversations people would say things like “you’re so encouraging” or “you inspire me”. Then I realized it’s the Power of Words and its ability to give life. Sometimes we see people and they are going through so many things that we may be unaware of. Often times we speak to them carelessly without even realizing the effects of our words. It’s as simple as destroying someone’s hope and causing them to turn away from everything they believe in. But God has called us to uplift and inspire those among us. The bible says life and death is in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit (Proverbs 18_21). The tongue is one of the smallest organs in the body but it has the ability to create wealth or wreak havoc. Hosea 8_7 says if you sow the wind you will reap the world wind. This is simply telling us to be mindful of how we go about planting seeds of any kind, not just words. Nonetheless, a perfect example of sowing to the wind is you may say things like “this day just does not get any better” and before you know it something much worst happens. This is because what you just did is declare how horrible the day is instead of commanding it to turn around and be great. I want to encourage someone, there's always a way out. No matter how hard things appear, Jehovah Jireh (our provider) has created a way out for you. The bible tells us that the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us (Romans 8_11). That very spirit spoke the entire universe into existence. So I want for you today to have faith and speak to your situation whatever it may be. Be confident knowing that greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world and that He has given you the ability to speak life. So as you connect with me through this great mission the words here will only Speak Life into you. Be encouraged, be inspired and be blessed!


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